Gartner Briefing in Helsinki, May 6th, 2014: Leading in a Digital Age

Gartner/Marketvisio organized a Briefing on the 6th of May in Helsinki.  Lee Weldon, Gartner Research Director, CIO Research team,  gave a presentation “Lead & Transform Your Enterprise into the Digital Age“.  Richard Marshall, Gartner Research Director gave the second presentation “Mobilizing the Enterprise Trends to Plan For & Techniques You Need to Know“.

The topics around Digital Age raise currently a lot of interest and Finland is not an exception regarding this, there were over 120 registrations for the Briefing at Kalastajatorppa. The attendees were both from IT end user and IT vendor organizations.

Yleiso Briefing 052014

Lee was talking about the following 3 Key Issues:

  • What are the key factors shaping the digital age?
  • What leadership expertise and capabilities are required to be successful?
  • What are the implication to the role of CIO and IT leader?

Lee had interesting examples in his presentations both from the new innovations in digital business and also failures, where companies have totally missed the point and they have been too slow to react to digital challenges. He was also talking about both the threats and opportunities that companies will be facing and they will often be coming from totally new players outside their traditional industries.  There will be new roles, like Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Chief Data Officer (CDA) emerging in companies and public sector organizations. Also new leadership skills will be required to run successful digital initiatives.  The Digital Anthropologists are also a new role, they are people who understand both the human behavior and technology in detail and are able to use this knowledge for new digital innovations.

Richard covered the following Key Issues in this presentation:

  • What are the key trends for enterprise mobility?
  • How do I plan for delivering mobile?
  • What are new tools and techniques that will help me deliver?

Digital business, ever more form factors, and growing user awareness are driving demand for enterprise mobility as never before. According to Richard responding to this demand requires strategic thinking and new tools.  He was also talking about key trends, planning techniques and mobile architectures in mobilizing enterprises. Richard had also interesting examples, how companies or public sector organizations has developed innovative enterprise mobility solutions.

Based on discussions and the feedback from the evaluation forms, the event was successful. We will be continuing to cover these topics in our future events and research programs. The next larger event in Finland will be HYPE14 event on the September 18th in Helsinki.

Tuomas Partanen is the Chairman of the Board of Marketvisio, one of the two owners. He is really interested in the interaction between people, especially between service provider and the customer. He is actively involved in the most important area – customer focused work in trying to provide added value for the customers.

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