Gartner Briefing for IT Leaders: Tomorrow’s Trends and Today’s Decisions - with John Mahoney

17th of May Briefing for IT Leaders was hosted by Gartner in Kiev. The presenter was a vice president and distinguished analyst in the CIO research group at Gartner. An experienced strategic leader, coach and executive board member, - Mr. John Mahoney. The event gathered the CIOs and Senior IT Executives from the biggest Ukrainian companies.

As range of Gartner research is wide and cuts across all IT aspects, - 2 topics for briefing were chosen: 1st topic was devoted to future view on IT and 2nd topic concentrated on the current IT issue that is important for CIOs at the moment. 

Emerging Trend: Digital Convergence and the Internet of Everything

The migration of IT technology and digitization into the enterprise front office  — R&D, products and services, customer relations  —  has enormous implications for IT organizations and for CIOs. This session explores the trends, issues and emerging best practices, building on a current theme of the CIO research team. The Internet is changing quickly. Nearly every product could become part of it. Sensors, connected appliances, cars and near field communication will be part of the Internet. Add to that “dumb” objects like a drink can or a physical book, and you get innovative opportunities never before possible. This migration of IT technology and digitization into physical objects and the enterprise front office has enormous implications for IT leaders. The business potential for enterprises that harness and exploit the concept is huge. This session explores the trends, issues and emerging best practices to help you discover when and how to find and pursue opportunities in your enterprise.

Making IT Governance Work In Your Organization

Despite the potential benefits or negative consequences from IT governance practices, IT governance continues to appear as an ongoing "top 10" CIO management issue in Gartner’s annual EXP survey of CIOs. CIOs regard IT governance as a high-impact activity but one that should be significantly improved in most organizations. This presentation will demonstrate how to diagnose the root cause of IT governance problems more effectively, using the recently developed Gartner IT Governance Demand/Supply Model, and how to tailor IT governance solutions to the most frequently encountered demand side issues.

Gartner briefing gave CIOs and Senior IT Executives the opportunity and great value to network and discuss with their peers and with Gartner analyst Mr. Mahoney. The event has  a great feedback. The discussion between attendees and Mr. Mahoney didn’t let to end the briefing on time.

This information is provided by Olga Ruiz – Account Executive from Marketvisio Ukraine that is exclusive distributor of Gartner services in Finland, Baltic States, Russia and Ukraine.

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